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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Mobile |

6 iPad apps for typography crazy

6 iPad apps for typography crazy

We all know one. We talked about those people who have a mania delicate strokes, by the serifs, which are taken very seriously tenths of microns and blanks, or they can spend two hours discussing the ascetic beauty capella.

Although we do not fall into this group, I know that many also have our favorite source, that attracted us from the first moment we saw her, we recognize that occasionally or repeatedly chose when to design. And with an in our hands a tool developed especially to enjoy and learn about typography, as well several applications leverage the definition of your screen and the ability to offer gestures of various utilities. Here are six specially recommended:


6 iPad apps for typography crazy image 2 If you like your handwritten letter, you will like iFontMaker . It is a font editor exclusive for iPad, you can create a font in an instant with just the stroke of our fingers. You can send email the typography or convert it into a TTF file type compatible with Adobe Creative Suite applications, Microsoft Office or even use it on your web site.


Typography Insight

6 iPad apps for typography crazy image 3 If the question is to compare, analyze and learn about sources, the application is a must in your iPad Typography Insight , which uses the retina display capabilities to display and manipulate sources. This application was created by a student from Parsons The New School for Design, he realized that to understand and memorize the different typefaces were needed long hours looking texts, but also compared. Originally used for cutting paper patterns paper sources, but this process was long and complicated, so he created Typography Insight that allows “touch” and compare sources. A must for students and also for those who want to continue learning.



6 iPad apps for typography crazy image 4 They say if the typography were a religion, FontBook would be the Bible. The original typeface compendium physical book from 1999 is still a guide that compiles typefaces new and old digital originals that different creators are presenting. This book has become a very complete application for iPad, which documents the work of typographers 1650, with 35,000 of 8,050 font families.



6 iPad apps for typography crazy image 5 Typefaces is an iPad app that is a font viewer that shows you all that are on your device, with information from each. Simple but very useful if you need any information from your sources by hand.


Font Guide

6 iPad apps for typography crazy image 6 Another viewer for iPad is Font Guide , which contains all the fonts that are reinstalled on Mac, iPhone, iPad and other Apple devices. This application allows you to view a sample of text with certain font, preview in different sizes and go checking what best fits what we want.


The Font Game

6 iPad apps for typography crazy image 7 They say the best way to learn is to play, and if so The Font Game can be an excellent option for storing fonts and quickly recognize them. Through their games will test your knowledge of fonts and will have a very entertaining while identifying its over 1000 sources.


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