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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Education, Guides / Tips |

6 Keys to consider before posting your ebook

6 Keys to consider before posting your ebook

In a world where more and more people read from their electronic devices, are e-readers, tablets or even mobile phones, the authors begin to publish their books as . While we know the what, the process can be complicated, especially in relation to decision-making on how to publish when we speak of the vast world of internet.

What must be clear before you take the plunge? Not bad, think about the following points to those who are considering publishing your ebook:

  • Quality: A book is never just a support, a book is much more than that. So when we speak of the role but also in digital, then the first thing is to find that our work is really good: in content, design, error, corrected, revised and reading taste. If we start without that, we bad.
  • Strategy: We have to be clear about what we do and what we hope to distribute our book on the Internet, because from that reason, we will take some roads and not others, and we know what we are willing to leave. Do we want to spread our work for free? Do we want to sell the book? Do we have visibility between certain audience?
  • Price: In the case we decide to sell our ebook, and provided the platform on which we publish allows us to price, we must put a number, which in most cases are advised not to be too high. Why? First, an ebook lacks investment in producing a traditional book because they need to cover the cost of paper and distribution through physical ways. Second, statistics for example, note that sell much more (and have more profits) authors who put prices between 0.99 to $2.99. I’m not saying you have to put this price, in any case this is something that will also depend on the type of ebook and other factors that we take into consideration.
  • Design: not by focusing on the content we put aside the importance of design, it should be made from digital, and use by someone who understands the needs of those who consume content through a screen. Take time to your home is the first impression you have who are deciding whether or not to download your book, and also the way the pages look and function of the book. The user experience is very important and if your book will be distributed to be read on different devices should be designed in various formats to fit different screens each.
  • Not copying from analog: a PDF is not an ebook. The idea is to take advantage of all the technology available to us today to achieve something new, not to play on a screen as we see on paper. Think about how you can give something extra to your reader.
  • Share and stop sharing: In the whole conception of your work, make may be shared. Content should be as free as possible: remember that wider benefits ebook sales and promotion of the author. Will have to see the formulas according to your strategy, but in any case the more freedom to share leave your reader, let it easier to recommend and share your ebook.