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6 reasons to consider working as a freelancer

6 reasons to consider working as a freelancer

Working as a freelancer is one of the best decisions I ever made in my life, I remember that at some point I felt fear, not knowing if it would work or not, but finally I evaluated my options, I plucked up the courage, I resigned from the company they and started working on my own. I admit that at first it was not easy, but after some time and some sacrifice was worth the risk.

Being freelance, contrary to what many think, it is not simple. Requires much effort and discipline, regardless of the area you lend your services. Working independently brings many benefits as responsibilities and often requires more time and delivery of office work is intended to flee. By this I mean that if you are considering working independently for the simple fact of not having to meet a schedule and because you’re tired of your boss, you’re looking in the wrong direction.

I admit that for me the schedules was a factor, but not because I bothered to spend 10 or more hours each day in the office, but rather because it clashed with my hours of college class. Another factor, perhaps the most significant, was the realization that I could make more money doing the same from the comfort of my home, even working less hours a day. But beyond that there are more reasons to consider working as a freelancer.

  • Having a secure job: Some may think I’m wrong, but really work independently is one of the safest jobs can be. If you work for a company depend directly on it and depend on someone else is always a problem. As they say there: nobody is indispensable, at any time and for any reason, your company may decide to “let go” without offering further explanation. However, if you work independently you who decide to have or not have a job, it all depends on yourself.
  • Unlimited jobs: Thanks to the Internet you can position anywhere on freelance work, there is always someone in need of your services. The secret is to be persistent and know where to look, time and perseverance will help you find the right path. Use your work as a reference, do it right and always delivers the best of you. Take advantage of social networks to promote yourself, put together a nice portfolio online so everyone can see you how good you are at what you do. Guests begin arriving.
  • More Opportunities: Today, many companies prefer to hire freelancers and, in fact, are constantly looking for the best in the industry to offer lucrative contracts and projects very interesting. Being freelance means being open to these and many other options. Again, show your work and let yourself discover.
  • More freedom: When working independently have the opportunity to set your own working hours to maximize daylight hours you’re more productive. It also gives you the possibility to combine your work quietly with other activities. You can enjoy more free time to study and enhance your knowledge, recreate or share more quality time with family and friends.
  • Economic Independence: I’m not sure this is the correct term, but with this I mean that you are working as a freelancer able to establish how much money you make, you know you have the opportunity to earn more in the same measure that you strive. Greater hard work translates into higher revenues and the possibility of achieving certain goals more quickly.
  • More experience: When you freelance exposed to a large variety of customers with different requirements. You get to earn more experience participating in projects of all types, projects as an employee of a company could not reach.

If these reasons do not seem sufficient, but you have serious intentions to start working independently, the best you can do is to start gradually commit small freelance projects, spending time with your current job or taking advantage of the free and weekends to be accumulating some experience and to discover on your own-advantages and possible disadvantages, of this way of working. So you can also see what your limits and how much are you willing to sacrifice to reach beyond.

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