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Posted by on Oct 24, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

6 reasons to stop using iTunes

6 reasons to stop using iTunes

When we look for “iTunes” in Google, the first few pages we will find typical program information. But if you dig a little deeper we will meet with comments like “what is wrong with iTunes” or, my favorite, “iTunes is the worst show of the universe.” I admit that these are exaggerating-iTunes users not so bad and we are clearly not considering the well-weighted Windows Movie Maker but it can be considered one of the most annoying ever. I’ll give you six reasons why we should be considering alternatives to iTunes to not have to suffer the problems of every day.

  • Speed: is super slow, especially in the version for Windows. It is slow to boot, to load songs, to synchronize devices, not to mention the times we crashea while listening to music. Besides slow is heavy and consumes lots of system resources. And yet we continued to use …
  • Updates: another aspect of iTunes hyper annoying are the constant updates that suggests. While we have the option to disable it, is another of his “jewels” of the trouble. Especially if we have, for example, a computer which overcomes the latest version.
  • Synchronization: many users still use iTunes because they think it is the only option to sync your Apple devices. Not so. With iTunes we have to select between different synchronization modes, let alone if we have more than one device. The problems seem endless.
  • Importing files: files to import, for example a CD or external disk, we have to light a candle for Steve Jobs to be crowned with the grace of ripping. If not, iTunes is able to hang, crasher, or do not do what you’re asking.
  • Playlists are useless: besides serving to do just that, play in a certain order, do nothing. If we want to delete a song or make a change, we must return to our music library. We are afraid to ask to join more features for playlists perhaps because it slows down the program.
  • The problems with the libraries: if the library is not stored locally, for example, prefer to have too many songs and store them on an external drive, then we can to get used to the slowness.

Fortunately, there are alternatives. We have on one side streaming services like Spotify and Grooveshark, Rdio and other services like Pandora, and also a few days ago we presented a variety of options for managers of music libraries that are much lighter and more efficient. If you have other recommendations are more than welcome to leave them in the comments.

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