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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Features, Internet |

6 ways to leverage Dropbox

6 ways to leverage Dropbox

A few days ago we presented a list of five original uses for our account , a contribution that certainly has been very useful for those who use the service. But beyond these five alternatives, the options seem endless and increasingly discover new ways to use the space we have in Dropbox and other storage services in the cloud. For this reason we decided to add some tips to expand the list.

1. – Bring your browser to everywhere
Although the latest versions of our favorite browsers already include features that allow us to keep synchronized our preferences, bookmarks, passwords, etc., across multiple devices, we can use Dropbox as an alternative to installing a directory within this a portable version of Firefox , Chrome or Opera , in this way your browser will be exactly the same wherever we go. The same solution can be useful for other portable applications , the options are virtually limitless.

2. – Attach large files
When sending email attachments must be aware of not exceeding the size limit set by each service. If there are several files that we send and together they exceed this limit, we should probably prepare several emails with separate files to send. In the case of a single file, we simply can not do anything but look for an alternative. To share files using Dropbox, simply copy all the files you want to “attach” within a storage directory service and then simply send an email with the URL of the folder or file in question. For one must enter the URL to the Dropbox folder from your computer, right click on the file / folder and from the context menu select Dropbox> Share link.

3. – Keep your music library updated and available
The available music services like Grooveshark, or Spotify, does not always meet our tastes. Some songs and bands are simply impossible to locate in these services, for this reason it is useful to create a directory inside Dropbox where we keep available the music of our favorite bands we already have in the computer, so we can listen to them on any place even without an Internet connection (if the directory has been previously synchronized). The size of our library will be directly limited by the amount of storage space you have available in Dropbox.

4. – Host static web pages
You can also tap into your Dropbox space to host static websites, something quite useful for those who work in design / web development. In this way we can present to our clients, simply, the proposals we have for them. For this to be possible, and everything works correctly, it is best to use a tool like DropPages , which basically makes Dropbox in our CMS. In addition to facilitate our work, we will keep our work backed at all times.

5. – Have your torrents available anywhere
Another interesting way to take advantage of Dropbox is using it as a folder for downloading torrents. You can initiate a download from anywhere and, once completed, the files will be available on all computers to which you have access. Personally I see it useful, for example, to make downloading things in the office computer and have them available when you get home, download and synchronize everything while we are on the way back.

6. – Allow users of a website to upload files to your account
With DropboxUploader can insert, using a simple PHP script in a form on our web site visitors can use to upload files directly to a directory of your Dropbox account. Very useful for those sites that perform collaboratively publications, its use is really easy.

In addition to these-and JJ-shared previously, surely there are many other ways to squeeze our favorite storage services. If you think of any please share it with us using the comments.

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