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7 apps for your smartphone security

7 apps for your smartphone security

Thinking now celebrated internationally Day Information Security, not a bad time to review how we protect both our devices and data, files, documents, email, passwords and passwords, which are becoming more particularly in the cloud. Gradually we have been achieving handle more mobile devices and services primarily through our smartphones, accompanying us almost 24 hours, so we recommend today some security-related applications that can be used in smartphones.

Find my iPhone (iOS)

If you are using multiple Apple devices, the application will know they have to be located not only your phone but also your computer or iPad: Find my iPhone and some of its success stories . This leaves only installed app with your Apple ID login. At any time you crawl from one of your other devices, and then have to run a sound, display a message, or block or erase all your data remotely. If the device is installed iOS 6, Find my iPhone includes the Lost Mode which means you can show your contact phone number on the unlock screen. To work, Find My iPhone must be enabled in the iCloud settings.

Prey (iOS, Android)

For other operating systems there is a program similar to Find My iPhone already discussed here and this is Prey . It is also open source and free. It has more options, which include taking pictures with your webcam in remote laptop to see who is using it and take screenshots of your desktop to see what is making the wearer, with wifi autoconexi√ɳn that attempt to connect to Prey the first open network it finds.

Lookout (Android)

One of the most downloaded apps for phones and tablets with Android is Lookout . It is a complete security suite that protects you against viruses, loss or theft. The application is free but for complete protection must pay a subscription of $2.99 a month.

Detects and removes viruses and spyware that hide in apps, files attached to emails or other phone files, and blocks potentially dangerous URLs. In case of loss or theft, locate your phone on a Google map by opening the application. From there you can issue an alarm to find, lock or wipe your data remotely. Turn has an option to your contacts, photos and call history.

Google Authenticator (iOS, Android, BlackBerry)

Many of the hacks to come from several accounts that someone gains access to our email and from there it is with all passwords ordering them to different services we use, so it is advisable to have enabled double check, double security barrier email account that more we use. In this regard, Google has been one of the first to incorporate a service optionally Gmail password besides you request a token generated by your phone, Google Authenticator . Available for iOS, Android and BlackBerry.

Silent Bodyguard (iOS, BlackBerry)

Silent Bodyguard is a real panic button on your phone, to help you when you feel in danger. Through this application you can send mails to certain contacts preconfigured for help, or text messages on Twitter and Facebook with your GPS every 60 seconds without your attacker or who are close to you realize. Just open the app and pressing a button activates the SOS alert.

Kryptos (iOS, Android)

If you want to completely encrypt your voice, Kryptos is a good choice for both iPhone and for phones with Android . It uses military grade 256 bit AES to encrypt communications before transmission using 2048 bit RSA for key exchange. The Kryptos allows connectivity which enables the use of VoIP calls over 3G, 4G and WiFi. Both users must download the application to communicate, and create a personal ID.

SplashID Safe (iPhone, Android)

This app is a true digital safe, where we can store all personal or sensitive information that we want to have encrypted. Credit cards, PINs, logins, email settings, codes and records all that information that would normally have in your head or on a checked out document on your computer or on a pad of paper. Encryption offers 256-bit Blowfish, backup and automatic synchronization with your Mac or PC and an automatic password generator to make them safe and impenetrable. It costs 8.89 euros for iPhone and 7.71 euros for Android

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