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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Tablets |

7 of 32 GB Nexus appears in the hands of a Japanese user

7 of 32 GB Nexus appears in the hands of a Japanese user

For a couple of weeks, rumors about a tablet version of the Google Nexus 7 with storage capacity of 32 GB will not stop ringing, and increasingly harder. Even a chain of stores in the UK and Spain has leaked its existence , but today these rumors go a step further to show the first of 32 GB.

And in Japan a lucky user who made the purchase of one of these tablets from Google with capacity of 16 GB, has been in place with a capacity of 32 GB apparently by mistake, which has sought to demonstrate with images where you can see the device box that says it is a 16GB model, but also screen shots of the Nexus 7 showing the nearly 30 GB of storage.

Of course, these images do not confirm the fact that Google and ASUS is preparing to launch the Nexus model tablet. but certainly from a reality, it would be a very big mistake and oversight by the manufacturer to send a buyer this device so far is unofficial.

According to previous rumors, this version of Nexus 7 would be priced at 279 euros, and would like direct rival to the most recent releases from Amazon in the tablet market, its new Kindle Fire HD , which thanks to the arrival of Amazon Cloud to Spain will have more weight in the local market.

However, not until the end of this October when we could officially unveil the Nexus 7 of 32 GB and a new Nexus smartphone family .

7 of 32 GB Nexus appears in the hands of a Japanese user image 2




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