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Posted by on Sep 5, 2012 in Social Networks |

7 practices unbearable on Facebook

7 practices unbearable on Facebook

We agree that the profile is for each and every one does with their Facebook what you want, more missing. But let’s tell the truth: in this life we are often conditioned and … How tell your aunt that Facebook has become a nightmare since I’ve added? With how easy it would be to look after some small details, right? After our post “10 grueling practices in Twitter” and this time for good coexistence facebookera, we will detail some leftover behaviors completely, they do close our profile we want whenever we find them and we definitely Facebook, as a company would already publicly traded, would have to consider the expulsion severely punish temporal and intensive rehabilitation to those who practice them.

1 – Farms, corrals and other games ending in-ville: We have now spent a little the avalanche, or is already eliminated from our lives those people who said they were our friends and we invaded with land deals sheep or nonexistent? In any case they left a valuable lesson: no matter how much you’re obsessed with a game, why not have to pollute with that plague the walls of all your friends. It must be said that even the Facebook learned of this and before a mass exodus of people attacked by this practice decided to put a channel exclusively for applications and games appear on the side and not invade your timeline.

2 – Too many updates at a time: With the exception of our mothers, nobody cares how you are ca-da-mi-nu-to the day. You can post the latest video of a cat sneezing you find on the internet, but you saw the 20 to find that really funny. If you do not learn to select the contact you become inundated us with unnecessary updates Facebook. Give me a break, I want to see what happens in the life of the rest of my friends.

3 – The unwelcome chats: Facebook chat asocial should have a status equivalent to: “I’m just checking my Facebook a while but do not want to talk to anyone, especially in this high window.” Not only does not, but many people who never ever write you an email but no message has special mental powers to know when you’re in that situation and insists on leaving several bursts of “holaaaaaaa” (or its variant “aloooo”) that repeat every time you open the Facebook, but never answer.

4 – The comments misplaced on the wall: The finally did, in a well-lit bathroom one morning you took your best hipster photo of the year, and betting anything when you publish, your Facebook girls die of admiration and desire. But it does change the first Like your aunt and add a comment telling a story from your childhood, with an affectionate nickname (and ridiculous) gift. FAIL.

5 – Publish chains corny phrases and images: We thought chains nonsense emails and could end with the emergence of Facebook … What deluded. This is an epidemic: anyone put a nice picture of a kitten with a flower and a phrase repeated endlessly Coelho will see in the timelines of their contacts. Recompartir button has some guilt, but we should call a more responsible use. No internet was invented for this, gentlemen.

6 – Labeling every god in the photos: We all passed and yet people keep doing this. Anybody can explain me where does such a lack of empathy? Do not they realize that the worst that can happen is to find not a photo that awful salts but also with comments confirming everyone already saw the photo? This point must have had many serious consequences that Facebook decided to put the same functionality which requests the approval of the person labeled. But although there is no labeling, where we went wrong photos published remain pseudo-friends who definitely do not deserve our add.

7 – Labeling things that are not photos: Many people who should be under trial are dedicated to label pictures or images (see point 5) with the names of all your contacts. It is believed that by trying to make your friends to see the notification but all they do is that they will remember when they read this list.

We will not deny that we have fallen more than one in any of these practices, but this has to give us the conviction of the redeemed. If you have ever had any of these problems, share or give Like this post and let Facebook be a healthier place for all.

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