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7 programs and applications for professional translations

7 programs and applications for professional translations

People who need to translate texts found on the Internet daily a large repository of for their task, and thinking they did a while back a list of online tools for translators . In it we recommended useful websites, and referral sites and extensions to language-related browsers. In this second installment, we bring a range of programs and software to translate that for the diversity of their choice and processing of texts need to be installed on your computer and will be the basis for the work of who do not necessarily have to be connected .


Babylon is a program that offers multiple dictionaries, accessible with a single keypress. They can be quite pushy to sell it to but the program is worthwhile. It runs on Mac OS X and can get from 94 euros.

Xbench Apsic

Apsic Xbench is a more technical program for translators, which allows a final quality control of a text. Find errors, inconsistencies, and this is especially useful when dealing with a group of documents which employs several translators. Detects confusions and errors that can overplaying a human corrector or Word spellchecker (eg when the original text says € 24.50 and € 25.50 puts the translator).


Another pillar of the present translation programs are “translation memory”. Basically, they are intelligent programs ranging remembering and storing all that translate, so making the translation of the same or similar texts in the future, because you recognize similarities and recalled from memory the phrases that look like they’re trying to translate.

There are several translation memory programs and the differences in price and features can become noticeable.

  • WordFast is one of the cheapest and works on Microsoft Word (made in Visual Basic). It has a free version, called Wordfast Anywhere that can be operated from iPhone and iPad devices.
  • SDL Trados is a translation suite developed by Trados and SDL managed today by offering different solutions according to user needs. For professionals, it costs €676 and is available for Windows.
  • Déjà  Vu is a translation program created by lectern that has a test trial version for a month. Create projects with multiple projects, files and language and has compatibility with other CAT tools (Computer Aided Translation). Available for Windows.
  • Transit NXT is also one of the most used programs for computer-assisted translation. Distributed by Star TS, the process of “understanding” each of the sentences from the context. The license for three months costs 75 euros.
  • MemoQ also uses translation memory and is available for Windows. Compatibility with other programs such as Trados and Transit, to process previous works have been made from these applications.

Image: The Tower of Babel, by Pieter Brueghel (Wikipedia)

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