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Posted by on Aug 3, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

7 tips for better email management

7 tips for better email management

We constantly see and hear people complain about the large number of pending messages that have read in the inboxes of its accounts email , and I admit that personally I also suffered this nightmare for a long time, but with some order and establishing I managed to lead a healthy routine count of messages read to zero and keep it off ever since.

One need not be a “guru” of productivity, you need not install an add-in browser. The tools to efficiently manage your email inbox and you have in your hands, you just need to know to use them properly and take a few minutes a few times a day to achieve the objective.

  • The first step toward ending the counters of unread messages is, it sounds obvious, read those messages. Spend 10 or 20 minutes each morning while enjoying a cup of coffee and 15 minutes after lunch to read, and respond if necessary, those messages that have been pending. Start with the oldest and most important, and discard those that, just read the issue, know that there are more important, how for example, a very old newsletter or reminder of an event that already happened.
  • If those are not enough minutes a day and have access to email from a mobile device takes advantage of these “dead time” in public transport the way to work or back home to discount many others. Those 2 or 3 extra post you can read every day, will become a significant number at the end of the week.
  • With storage capacities “infinite” that offer the most current e-mail services, delete messages is useless and a waste of time. Instead of deleting, organizing!, Using tags, categories, flags or stars … what is most comfortable for you. If you do not have enough time to devote to organizing all messages, just keep your messages read in the tray and use the internal search engine to quickly locate a particular. Services like Gmail and Hotmail-now that are the most popular, facilitate this task.
  • Particularly bold numbers enclosed in parentheses next to the word “received” tend to bother me a bit, especially when that number is greater than 10, so I try not to allow messages within this limit. Set a limit itself to that you feel comfortable and keep at bay the unread messages.
  • Many times I have wondered why I worry about managing the SPAM folder and delete junk messages several times a day. The answer is simple, only takes me 20 seconds each time I do and has saved me from losing some customers. For some reason unknown to me, for my important emails have ended up in the SPAM folder, had it not been for this strange habit, never had read. Once you get used to “scavenging”, it is very easy to discard spam at a glance and make sure that something important was not there.
  • Some issues can be resolved quickly and more efficiently use alternative to email, for example, a phone call, a voice memo or a simple message WhatsApp. Before writing an email a couple of seconds stop and ask yourself, do I really need an email for this?. If the answer is no, you’ll be saving second-or even minutes-valuable.
  • Finally, although not an easy task for everyone, it politely asks those people to add you annoying chain letters that let you copy your address in your “favorites”. Personally I’ve earned the displeasure of a few friends, but it worked and I have no chains making me believe that I am heir to the fortune of Bill Gates.
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