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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Social Networks, Web 2.0 |

7 tools you have to know if you use Pinterest

7 tools you have to know if you use Pinterest

The amazing growth of Pinterest has made many begin to take seriously this kind of realm of fashion photos, food and home decor, to realize that there’s a lot of potential and can be very useful Pinterest , especially for brands and businesses . Other web even begin to look at your design and copy the idea of the photo album to show, and as many are looking for ways to be part of the community of for your users to visit.

Besides bringing goodies Pinterest -your button “Pin it” for any browser, official applications for Android, iPhone, iPad and the same buttons that can be added to blogs and other websites, there are several external applications that you may find useful to further explore the possibilities of Pinterest and to better manage your publications. Programming pins, linear from browser with more options than the official button or get your “Klout of Pinterest” and statistics are probably utilities you need to know if you make much use of this service.


Pinstagram , as its name suggests, show your Instagram like Pinterest. Best has a menu where you can see photos of channels: fashion, brands, celebrities, food, travel, animals, music, architecture, sports, art and design, tech.


Pingraphy provides a button that is inserted into the bar, and allows programming pins pinear and while we are sailing. We will choose which board we put it, and set the date and time of publication.

Share as image

What today is called Share as image before a Quote Pin was also lets you share on Twitter and Facebook. Against the idea that Pinterest is only visual images, this service allows you to post text Pinterest.

Installing a button on the top bar allows to select text, displayed pinearlo option, and if we choose, then we can set the colors and the font of the text, which will become an image to be pineada. We will have the option of sending it to Facebook and / or Twitter too.


PinReach is regarded as something of Pinterest Klout, a tool to measure your influence and says some statistics of your Pinterest account. It also shows users more powerful, more popular pins and being trendings, and users who are rising.


Another useful measure is Pinpuff influence, given a number of Pinfluence Score and scores and also gives us a number of comments on our Reach Score, Activity Score, Score Virality, they build metrics based on our business and network reach of Pinterest . Finally a table shows the numbers of our boards on Pinterest: followers, pins, likes Repins and each so we can compare.


SpinPick is a website that you will consider submitting pictures or interesting pineables, chosen from various platforms: Creative Commons photos from Flickr, Instagram, Twitpic, Reddit / R, YouTube and PicPlz. From that we can post it on Pinterest site and share it on other social networks like Twitter and Facebook.


Also from the name we can realize that MapInterest is a website that combines geolocation with pins and shows which users have around us and around the world. It also allows pinear eg check-ins and places. To play around.

Pinterest in your signature: email app Pinterest

Extra Bonus: Pinterest email app is a way to insert a link in all your emails Pinterest. If you are using a lot of this tool and are interested in promoting your site from your contacts, a noninvasive way to do this is by placing a widget that can display your photos or simply Pinterest logo at the end of all your emails.

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