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Posted by on Oct 27, 2012 in Windows |

8 points to consider before upgrading to Windows 8

8 points to consider before upgrading to Windows 8

After a long wait and many advances on their news, finally launched officially operating system.

Here in Bitelia have recommended many applications to maximize the new version of Windows , but we had not talked about the reasons we should take into account in deciding whether or not we migrate to Windows 8 and thought this would be a good time to do so.

From a very personal point of view, these are the 8 most important aspects to consider when we choose to stay with our current Windows version or upgrade to the new Windows 8.

Reasons to upgrade to Windows 8

  1. Price: Upgrading to Windows 8 is significantly cheaper than at the time cost to upgrade to Windows Vista or Windows 7. To take a concrete example: Windows 7 Home Edition was priced at $ 199, while the Professional version came to $299. With the promotions that Microsoft is offering, you can upgrade to Windows 8 from $14.99 . Even looking beyond the promotions, the most you will have a license of Windows 8 will be $69.99, and this is only if you want to have the installation disk with the box, and it will also be possible to upgrade online for a much lower price.
  2. App Store: One of the things that has called my attention to the new version of Microsoft Operating System is the Windows Store. Thanks to the store, will be much easier to find and download applications to enjoy on our computers. At the moment the Windows Store has around 5000 applications , but surely this number will grow in the coming months and, personally, I have no doubt that we will see many interesting things out there in the short term.
  3. Synchronization in the Cloud: Many of the applications and services we use daily leverage the cloud to keep all our devices in sync. This is an issue that certainly has positively changed the way we work, have fun and communicate. It really is easy to pick up on what we are doing when we disconnect device and move on to another. If you use multiple computers with Windows 8-properly-configured can take advantage of these benefits, now in our Operating System every day.
  4. Native applications for different file types: Windows 8 includes options for viewing multiple file formats that previously required installing a new application. For example, the new version of Windows comes with its own PDF viewer, because this is no longer necessary to install Adobe Reader (to cite one example) if all you want is to simply read a document in this format. Also interesting is the management that gives Windows 8 ISO and VHD images, since it is possible to mount them directly from the OS and making them available as individual drives without problems.
  5. History files: With Windows 8 is possible to maintain a historical record of the files you use every day, with this option you can retrieve documents to a previous state. This option is not entirely new, in fact it is the same function of Windows backup, but with more and better features as well as being much more user friendly.

Reasons not to upgrade to Windows 8

  1. New interface: Although many cataloged of “new” and “revolutionary”, the new Windows 8 interface (until recently known by the code name “Metro”) is, in a way, a problem. First, Microsoft, with its home screen forces users to change the way we interact with the computer. Moreover, the new interface is more geared toward touch screens, but how many of those who have used Windows regularly monitors this type?.
  2. Accounts Microsoft-almost-mandatory: To use all the features, especially the new operating system-the need for a Microsoft (until recently Windows Live). Although you can use Windows 8 without one of these accounts, it does not need a to access the app store and the synchronization service in the cloud. The fact that competition also do it this way does not mean it’s right.
  3. Upgrading from Windows XP: From the point of view there is no problem or difficulty when upgrading to Windows XP computers to Windows 8, it is actually very simple, but from the business point of view yes it can be a problem . A company that has all your computers running XP and decide to upgrade to Windows 8, will have to invest additional resources in training employees in the use of the new OS version. As I mentioned, with the new interface change things a bit and need to make users a day. Licenses may at such low prices help balance things from the point of view, but will wait to see the “effect 8″ in companies.

If you decide to make the leap beyond the 8 above reasons, I recommend this excellent guide to upgrade to Windows 8 which prepared our friend JJ .

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