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Posted by on Nov 3, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

8 recommendations to improve the SEO of your website

8 recommendations to improve the SEO of your website

The of a website is one of the main reasons for his success. In simple words, the Search engine optimization (Search Engine Optimization) is the natural way to make a web site is located at the top of the query results in search engines like Google, Bing, Yahoo, among others.

Although SEO depends on many factors, some heavier than others, it is necessary to go from the ground up to achieve the objectives of our positioning strategy are met. Make SEO goes far beyond recognizing keywords, in addition to this one must know how to use them properly. Nor is it an easy job, in fact requires dedication and time, but no one has said it is an impossible task to take on your own. With these eight recommendations to improve the SEO of your website you can begin to take the first steps without spending a penny.

1. – Use dashes “-” to separate keywords in the URL of your web pages. Insofar as possible but uses short URLs are descriptive turn.

2. – Insert keywords within the content of the site, but do it wisely. Use keywords in excess can have adverse consequences. You must respect the nature of the text, it should be easy to read and understand, do not include keywords forcefully. In other words, write for humans not for search engines.

3. – Includes keywords within the meta-tag description, although this does not directly affect the ranking of your site in search engines, it does help to attract more clicks from the search results page.

4. – Highlight in bold the keywords within the content of the site, it helps users to focus their attention on the most relevant words and makes an important contribution in SEO optimization.

5. – Fill in the alt and title attributes for images on your site using keywords, this will help the search engine to index. This is much more important if you use images that act as links.

6. – As said earlier, the trick is knowing how to use our keywords. The position that will include a major impact on the page SEO. More clearly, the keywords that are included in the top of the page are most valued by the crawlers and therefore offer better results.

7. – Headers h1, h2 and h3 are extremely important for SEO, include keywords in them. Not everyone has the same impact, but need to be taken into account equally. The most important is obviously h1.

8. – Adds information to title attribute of links, this not only helps the SEO but also improves the accessibility of the site.

Beyond these recommendations there are many other things to keep in mind , and we must take action-to achieve the objectives of the SEO. I hope this is helpful enough to help you identify where things are going.

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