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Posted by on Sep 20, 2012 in Curiosities, Design |

A “cloud” made of light interactive

What is a cloud? The Wikipedia states:

… A hydrometeor consisting of a visible mass of snow crystals formed or microscopic water droplets suspended in the atmosphere. The clouds scatter all visible light and therefore appear white. However, sometimes they are too thick or dense as to light the cross, and then look gray or even black. Clouds are water droplets on atmospheric dust. Then, depending on a few factors can become drops rain, hail or snow.

Surely the artist Caitlind RC Brown did not consider this definition when creating CLOUD , an interactive installation that Sept. 15 could visit as part of the events of the Nuit Blanche Calgary in Alberta (Canada). The striking, bright piece consists of steel, metal strips and near seil thousand bulbs donated by the public.

Much of the bulbs are burned, the rest are new and serve to illuminate the cloud creating a wonderful effect where light and darkness merge. Viewers can pull strings and bulbs off and on, interact with the piece giving it life and creating moments. The cloud never look the same due to the intervention of the spectator, is always changing and playing with light.

La Nuit Blanche (White Night) is a popular nighttime cultural initiative that has been successfully held in cities as diverse as Paris, Rome, New York or Tokyo. This attractive proposal organizes cultural and artistic interactive cutting for the public to enjoy and participate.

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