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Posted by on Dec 12, 2012 in Social Networks |

A look at the new Buffer

A look at the new Buffer

Whether personally or professionally, no wonder we get to manage multiple in social networks (LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook …) and even within the same social network stay more than one user (personal, our company, of any brand …). With the idea of optimizing efforts and be more productive in managing the information we discussed in the odd chance to centralize management tools such as Buffer , HootSuite or TweetDeck (although its scope is somewhat smaller) to, well, be much more effective in our work leveraging programming publications or the ability to measure our impact through statistical data that we can provide some of these tools.

Personally, I find Buffer as one of the most interesting tools we can find it, but offers a payment option, the free service is quite functional and allows multiple options when managing multiple profiles, use URL shorteners or something as fundamental like having an idea of the impact of our actions. If in itself was a very interesting tool, the service now has suffered a transformation that greatly improves and personally help us manage a much more productive our profiles and the profiles of others we manage for our company or our customers (as well as allowing collaboration and teamwork with our co-workers).

One of the most obvious changes is the design of the web since the service has been completely changed and, with the help of this redesign, has greatly improved the usability of the platform. At a glance we can manage the profiles that we have associated with watching Buffer, for each of them, we have scheduled publications ready for publication. In this sense, Buffer enables us to manage Twitter profiles, Facebook profiles and pages and pages and LinkedIn profiles, a fairly wide range of options that open the door to a commercial service. Thanks to this change will allow us to better visualize the profiles that we manage, queue and publications within the schedules, see clearly the attached links (which can shorten linking our account with one of the supported services like and preview images that we will share.

Another improvement is the ability to exchange the contents programmed between the different profiles that we manage, that is, we can put a post on Facebook scheduled, and then move it to the queue or Twitter posts, for example, some of the pages Facebook we manage with this application. Also added an interesting option, called shuffle, which gives us the ability to reorder it (at Buffer) our publications queue and adjust automatically to prevent share many links followed from the same source.

A look at the new Buffer image 2

Besides the management of publications, which is one of the values of Buffer, the other aspect that makes it very interesting is the information that shows the impact of our activity. In this sense, besides offering the information they have received clicks the links we shared, the scope of our message (obtained as the sum of our audience, ie the followers we have, but the audience of users have shared our publication) or retweets that others have made, Buffer adds a special mark for publications that has been especially significant (have had a big impact) adding an indicator called Top Tweet that will help us analyze what publications like best our audience (and even can redistribute profiles for the rest of us to manage).

A look at the new Buffer image 3

Among the settings that used to ride something hidden, Buffer has decided to make more accessible the establishment of the programming schedule tweets scheduled publications and facilitate the definition of times to post. Another thing that has impressed me a lot is the ability to manage, along with other users, profiles that have linked to the service, allowing team members to work together and see what the rest schedules established peer (preventing stepping on each other).

Together with these changes, the iPhone app Buffer has also been redesigned, of course, to follow all these improvements so, seeing the range of options and features available, Buffer is a good choice to manage our profiles and share content well to be an interesting tool to professionally manage profiles.

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