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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Curiosities |

A parent creates a quadricopter to accompany your child to the bus station

A parent creates a quadricopter to accompany your child to the bus station

Here was a father who might win the award for best father of the year, to build such invention to accompany your child. Or maybe have the booby prize as it is able to build a quadricopter him instead of going out to the street. Be that as it may, the fact is that at least has had a lot of ingenuity.

Turns out Paul Wallich must accompany each day your child to the bus station. The distance is 400 meters and although not a great distance if there are days that are better at home. For this reason Mr. Wallich decided to find a better solution than to accompany his son. He decided to build a quadricopter equipped with a camera that will send real-time images to your computer.

The first thing I had to do was buy a drone of many that are sold in toy stores and electronics stores. Then he sought the device to transmit the video and after much searching decided to use their smartphone with active video chat application that would send the pictures to your PC.

So far everything had been easy but now came the tricky part. The drone had to follow her son autonomously during the passage of 400 meters. After researching various options opted for using a small beacon that could introduce into your child’s backpack. This uses a battery the size of a coin and can last a week. The drone just go following the GPS transmitter.

But this system is not without errors. The flight can be difficult if the weather is calm. Besides the GPS can only follow the beacon within a radius of 10 meters. Finally we have the battery problem. Paul Wallich says its battery has just drone to go to the bus station, wait with your child until the bus and go home.

For now says that although it has designed some improvements, like a better sonar to detect objects, the battery time is short and there is no option to add more weight involved. So says the time will continue to accompany your child to the bus.

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