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Posted by on Dec 14, 2012 in Internet |

A summary of 2012 made by Facebook

A summary of 2012 made by Facebook

Facebook has published its summary of 2012 based on the issues and events that generated more conversation among its one billion users . The company has created several lists that include different categories such as events, songs, public figures, technology or politics. However, this summary is limited to a number of countries (Australia, Brazil, Canada, Spain, USA, France, India, Italy, the UK and Russia) and has not created any global list.

So, on the U.S. (the most complete), you can see that this year the meme TBH (to be honest) won another as YOLO (You Only Live Once, a kind of carpe diem 2.0 standing in second position ) or, surprisingly, Gangnam Style, PSY success that breaks records on YouTube (fifth place). The famous viral KONY is also above the Korean artist.

With respect to political issues, Obama’s victory was also repeated in Facebook, as the president is in first place, ahead of Mitt Romney. Other terms that refer directly or very close to the election as Voted (3rd), Four More Years (4) Gay Marriage (7th), Obamacare (8th) or The Polls (9th) appear in this top 10.

Furthermore, the term technology that generated more excitement was Instagram, which in 2012 was acquired by Facebook, and web profiles included was ‘expelled’ from Twitter, among other milestones. The new Timeline, Pinterest, Draw Something, iPhone 5, Kindle Fire, SOPA, News Feed, Siri and SongPop complete the list.

Meanwhile, in Spain trends Facebook reflected the economic situation that has engulfed the country. Labour heads a top 10 in which the top five positions also appear Strike (2nd), Rajoy (3rd) and Crisis (4th) . Starting fifth in Formula 1 terms appear only sports (with the exception of Telecinco Antena 3, in ninth place).

In Brazil the presence of television and sports is even more pronounced, with football teams, Olympic athletes, wrestlers and programs like Avenida Brasil (first position) or Big Brother Brazil (BBB both this term, short). Yes, the Brazilians did not forget the elections, which were the fourth most important issue.

In addition, Facebook has created a tool for users to see his 20 highlights of the year. In general, these pictures, tickets or labels, but you can also see, for example, friends added to the social network throughout 2012.