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Posted by on Oct 10, 2012 in Internet |

about: profile, an extension to analyze the browsing history in Firefox

about: profile, an extension to analyze the browsing history in Firefox

The browser has become more than an application to access websites or access to social networks like Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn to manage our profiles or view posts from our friends, and in many cases it is also a work tool with which to access our corporate email or web applications of our company. Given the variety of websites to which we have access, it is important to remain focused on our tasks and avoid falling into the procrastination relegating our tasks much more entertaining activities.

While not meet our goals can be a way to realize that maybe we should put some more emphasis on productivity , analyze our own activity can also help us realize how we spend our time and where we can improve. The browsing history, for example, can be a useful source of information when analyzing our performance and our own habits, in fact, a few days ago to dedicate a few minutes to History Trends , an extension for Google Chrome that allowed data squeeze Chrome to create visual reports to our activity to get something easier to draw conclusions, something that we can do from with an extension called Prospector – about: profile .

Using information provided by Alexa, extension analyzes our entire browsing history to rank the pages visited by theme and create a graph to show us the topics that focuses our navigation, information is displayed graphically to be easy to understand. The extension, as the developers say, is a proof of concept of how to “squeeze” data that is not used to have interests beyond finding a website accessed or nurture autocomplete urls in the browser address bar.

Besides us see our own habits, the idea of the development team is that this information will help spread the AwesomeBar we suggest you visit websites. A data reuse Interestingly enough, can do much to improve the browsing experience.

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