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Posted by on Nov 19, 2012 in Guides / Tips, Internet |

Access content directly from Google Drive Chrome bar

Access content directly from Google Drive Chrome bar

It’s been a few months since Google surprised everyone by updating one of its most important products, Google Docs, and changing its name to the now popular Google Drive. It was not just a change in nomenclature but more. New features and functionality that today still keep coming.

A few weeks ago were separate applications for each of the parts of the suite, making OS but not Chrome, the crowd favorite browser, an operating system from which we can not only browse and consume content but also write, perform calculations , presentations … What once gave us only Microsoft Office now comes from the hand of Google, with permission-and recommended-excellent alternatives like LibreOffice.

Returning to Google Drive, this time I write this not open to tell a new feature, but a way of strengthening it, accessing the content directly from the address bar of Google Chrome. How you do write passes the file name, housed in Drive, we want to open, and the trick is to use OmniDrive , an extension that will enhance the productivity of all users of the suite.

Its installation and setup could not be simpler. First, add the add to Chrome as we would any other extension. Next, use the keyword drive and press the Tab bar in Chrome. We will automatically indicating the browser to search documents below is for Google Drive.

If you have more than one account, you are prompted to choose one of them (a shame that we can not look at all at once) and assign permissions to add. These steps are simply left to access the documents specifying the first letters of their names or searches that lead us to them. Pressing the enter key will document, presentation, spreadsheet or similar right under our noses.

By the way, whether you are new users of and old, I recommend you to take a look at some of the tricks that have been published over the past-week, such as sharing files directly through Google+ , or the ability to download any file on your computer and send it directly to the suite of Google .

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