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Posted by on Sep 22, 2012 in Mobile |

Access shared files on your local network from Android

Access shared files on your local network from Android

In many companies often deploy servers for storage, so shared files and prevent them from being stored locally on users’ computers (safeguarding the data in one place and making the information available at all times) , a practice that is not common to find in homes with multiple computers and share folders using the infrastructure of their local network. In the same way that our mobile devices can access services cloud storage like Dropbox, there is the possibility that they also have access to the “private cloud” that we have at home or office using some other application.

In the case of devices and also equipment at home or in the office servers that are sharing folders through Samba , you may use these network resources from our smartphones and tablets to upload or download files and therefore , integrated into our fleet of equipment to mobile devices.

One of the options that can be found on Google Play is ASTRO SMB Module , a free application that will allow us to navigate through the various folders in the network share, copy files to your mobile device or upload files that we have stored in our smartphone (although required to have installed the File Manager ASTRO ). The application supports connecting to shares on the network through Windows shared folders and folders also supports Linux system you are using to share network resources.

Another interesting option is AndSMB , a free and very complete application that allows you to configure multiple network resources, synchronize folders, and logically, download or upload files that you have stored on your mobile device.

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