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Posted by on Aug 10, 2012 in Science |

According to CERN, the arrival of Curiosity “no big deal”

The arrival of the Curiosity Mars earlier this week caught the attention of a number of people who have followed the landing of the rover to the surface exploration of the Red Planet and receiving the first images captured . For many, the arrival of the is one of the scientific events of the year, however, only been a month since the announcement of another high-profile scientific findings: the Higgs boson . In fact, quite unique in a statement, the team of has said that all the media hype about the Mars mission, really, should not be so bad .

In the eyes of the scientific team at CERN, the landing Curiosity is not such a significant milestone for the world of science and truth, should not draw much attention as it should be something within expectations:

People see these beautiful images from space and tend to think that it has reached a wonderful milestone. [...] People should wait for the Mars rover is about to do something of value, such as discovering how the universe was created. That would be something awesome

We all know that scientific research is highly competitive but the truth, such as inflammatory statements do not think anything will help as the work of and CERN, in this sense, any conflicts and do not compete for financing. Still, the team spokesman responsible for the discovery of the continued his criticism of the NASA project:

I do not think we should use as “lightly” the word “scientific” in this case. Honestly, anyone can put a helmet on your head and look cool but that hardly makes you be a scientist. Look at those who discover a new particle or something in that path

Logically, the answer to these statements have not been long in coming and a spokesman for the project team, part of the Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, was asked to respond to CERN:

Do you know what is the difference between the rover is on Mars and the Higgs boson? At least the rover can be seen on the surface of Mars. [...] I can understand why people say that CERN Higgs boson is real but, basically, it’s as real as it can be an elf

Given the heated response from NASA, CERN also gave his reply and, it seems, it seems that the between the two scientific teams will be finished by now:

Laboratory of the LHC in Geneva we are accustomed to honest disagreements among scientists but we would like them to come here and we should tell that to the face

With attitudes like that (and I mean both teams), in my opinion, is the science that comes out losing.

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