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Posted by on Aug 7, 2012 in Tablets |

Acer asks Microsoft to think about the negative effects of the Surface

Acer asks Microsoft to think about the negative effects of the Surface

Some time ago we have been talking about the kind of Cuchillazo in the back that gave with the release of the Surface to companies that had an agreement with them regarding the exclusivity of Windows 8. All went well until the company filed its own tablet windows and now from Acer called Microsoft re-visit the strategy of its tablet .

The issue is that since the announcement of the device from said they thought it was a strategy to take off and then would be made to the side, but noted that it is not.

While the plans to compete with the iPhone and this would do very well to the ecosystem, will also compete with the rest and, now, this will make you ill. The problem here is that since Microsoft had an exclusivity agreement based on the use of Windows 8 and the companies had that in mind to sell more devices. The company, meanwhile, worked on the Surface.

Acer CEO JT Wang said that this decision taken by the company of the windows will be negative for the ecosystem and begged him to rethink the decision.

Create a largely negative impact on the ecosystem and the companies will against. There is something for you to be good so please think twice.

And unsurprisingly, they wondered what to do if Microsoft was beginning to shoot for the hardware side: “Do we have to find other software alternatives?”.

While many companies were quiet and not what they really thought surveyed in relation to the decision made by Microsoft, is relatively clear that they all think like Acer. The association has the big M with other manufacturers worked perfectly because there was no competition. From now on things will change.

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