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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Tablets |

Acer Iconia W510: Windows 8 to 8.89 millimeters

Acer Iconia W510: Windows 8 to 8.89 millimeters

is the hybrid system tablets and convertible PCs excellence. Although we have seen several proposals, Acer is making a very interesting: a very thin tablet, cheap, light and with an optional keyboard dock. Come November 9.

Already commented in a previous post: Clover Trail aims to be as strong as other ARM chips (like Tegra, Nvidia, when we remembered almost necessarily the Asus Transformer) but cheaper and although not yet shown the operation of the machine under stress yes you can see very fluid, in the price itself has improved.


  • Display 10.1-inch 1366×768 IPS LCD.
  • Dual-Core Intel Atom Z2760 (Clover Trail) to 1.5Ghz.
  • 2Gb of RAM.
  • 8.89 millimeters and 576 grams.
  • 9 hours of battery, 18 with the dock.
  • 32 or 64Gb SSD storage and microSD slot.
  • Micro USB, Micro HDMI.
  • Accelerometer, gyroscope and compass.
  • 2-megapixel front camera and HD recording.
  • 8-megapixel rear camera.

On paper it sounds a good bet with a reasonable selling price, but with the dock and the 64GB will soar to $749, still a good price, but do not know the price of the dock separately.

There are still many bets to see Windows 8 tablets, but Microsoft has already promised 100,000 apps Modern style UI (Metro) for December and manufacturers continue making bets seductive s take for sure and eat the tablets with Android and plant Looking good iPad. Only hope to Oct. 26, when Windows 8 will be launched to the general public, probably for the next few weeks go seeing more deals more manufacturers to join the bandwagon of Windows 8.

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