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Posted by on Dec 18, 2012 in Guides / Tips |

Activating the automatic response messages in Gmail

Activating the automatic response messages in Gmail

Gmail is one of the services most used by users both personally and professionally through your storage space, your search messages, your anti-spam filter and a number of features and options. The truth is that offers a wide range of options and, overall, a good number are unknown to users or not utilized properly. Timely manner, the Gmail team often share tips via Google+ to offer tips or reminders of some of its functions and, on this occasion, have reminded us that there is an option to set automatic replies .

The autoresponder is a feature that we find the Gmail settings (specifically, the end of the first of the tabs, ie in the general settings) and the functionality is pretty simple: schedule an automatic response whenever we receive a email. Today most email services offer this type of functionality with a text that will look all to send us a message though, in the case of Gmail, we will have some additional options and set the wakeup interval is functionality (including start date and an end date so we would not have to remember to turn it off) or send the message to only those senders that are within our contacts.

This functionality is something that is often used, for example, when we left on vacation or housekeeper so we extended our work so that, if someone sends us a message we put on notice. ‘And worth using this option ? About this functionality tends to be some debate between those for and those against schedule an automatic message response but, personally, I think it’s something to keep in mind.

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While we’ve discussed on more than one occasion that we should not be slaves to the email , not answering emails for a long time may feel bad for our suppliers, customers or colleagues, therefore, to avoid the odd misunderstanding can be interesting to receive a notification that we are not available and, in case you need something, they can contact any of our partners rather than stay, forever, waiting for a response. In this case, depending on the number of emails we receive, it may be interesting to send the reply only to persons who are within our contact list.

On the other hand, if we use one email address and mailbox to collect messages that leave us, for example, visitors to our site or our blog, you could be interesting to enable this feature to restore a kind of acknowledgment of receipt or confirmation response to all who come in contact with us (well respond with another email). Applying this criterion our users do not feel that your request falls on deaf ears and know that we received properly.

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