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Posted by on Dec 27, 2012 in Technology |

Ad Gracenote, the platform that aims to change the TV advertising

Ad Gracenote, the platform that aims to change the TV advertising

Although it is known for its services in the music industry, Gracenote is working in TV advertising. The company working in environments iTunes, Google, Amazon, and Spotify among others with their standard CDDB (Compact Disc Data Base), to help identify music tracks and complete metadata and ID3 tags, is after the key that helps to solve the problem of advertising on a platform that-until now-has been virtually no customization behind generic to multiply the results, as it has been able to generate internet in many cases. Gracenote Ad is the name of this new platform.

The solution is to register a profile for the viewer through video fingerprinting (video fingerprints), why bought last June to Bulldog United , to make the leap of recognition of music video and focus the advertising industry. Once you synchronize the content of the Ads with user profile, you only show ads that might be of interest, because variables such as age, gender, income, properties (or not) as a home or car themselves, etc.

Stephen White, president of Gracenote, Gracenote wanted to show Ad to Techcrunch first fruits, as their demonstration to the world will take place at CES next year. Different profiles used as examples for two monitors together in one room. First, a man of about 40 years, with an annual income between $ 50,000 and $ 75,000, in which case the monitor showed a Honda ad. When the profile was that of a woman between 18 and 35 years old with an income of between $ 35,000 and $ 50,000, the ad shown was that of Levi’s jeans. Although White admitted that an innovation and puts a halt to a business of 70.000 million, could produce a change in the opportunity derivase higher incomes, to better target the ad and to achieve greater cost per print.

Ad Gracenote, the platform that aims to change the TV advertising image 2

Ad Gracenote would not be the first platform to try to get rid of irrelevant ads, but the first part with the advantage of having established itself as a previous service with an extensive database users, who also expressed their preferences in music and content with video search from the applications mentioned in the first paragraph. Once potential display at CES to be held the second week of January 2013, will begin to be implemented in testing through collaboration with various TV manufacturers. Television advertising could truly change course with Gracenote Ad as also obtain more accurate measurements that meet current issued ad performance, similar to YouTube Insight, which provides data such as bounce rate or the peaks of interest.

Ad Gracenote, the platform that aims to change the TV advertising image 3

Ultimately, we could even pay a monthly fee in exchange for power fail to see the ads. Aproxiamda White used the figure of $ 20 to discuss fee that would replace the ads with photographs of the user, for example. A measure that does not make sense, since the idea of paying for advertising has to give up its majority reason to see a series, movie or show without interruptions. However, they also spoke of something better alternative would increase the usability of Gracenote Ad, enter data as we are interested in a particular time, so that during that interval we show ads on line, advertising on Hawaii as the weeks before making a trip there, for example.

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