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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Windows |

Add any item to the Windows taskbar

Add any item to the Windows taskbar

The possibility of anchoring elements in the task bar was one of the outstanding innovations introduced in Vista and Windows 7. With it spent to have a space where only open applications appear to also accommodate access to frequently used applications, which remained there highlighted if we decided to open them.

In general, an idea that was well appreciated by all users and I personally use every day to launch my most used programs.

However, I’ve always missed the possibility of anchoring pin or do anything. And that is precisely what allows us TaskbarPinner, a very simple application through which we can anchor the following:

  • Records
  • Folders
  • Virtual Folders
  • Special Folders
  • Special Items

Regarding the latter two would be a special folder for example libraries for music or pictures, usually contained in our documents folder and used by many people to save their contents.

Special Items system extensions would like the Recycle Bin, for example.

Add any item to the Windows taskbar image 2

How is it used? Well, basically we have to open the application and manually select the item you want to include, which will be created in the taskbar. Alternatively we can drag & drop and likewise create new items.

Is missing-but you can not have everything, we could anchor dragging items directly to the bar, without going through the application, but that would imply that modify system libraries.

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