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Posted by on Nov 17, 2012 in Internet |

Adds new Google Reader feeds easily

Adds new Google Reader feeds easily

Google Reader is one of the most popular feed readers, and surely one of the most used by users. With this Google service can concentrate in one place all the information sources we usually consult frequently (websites, blogs, online newspapers, etc) and receive the latest news and publications as they are published without walk visiting each page for new articles. Curiously, despite being one of the gateways to more extended content, there are websites where it is easy to locate at first glance the link to subscribe to your feed and finally, we need to access Google Reader, enter the URL of the website and wait for the Google feed reader locate the source and added to our subscription list.

With the idea of simplifying the process, if you use can resort to an extension by Google pursued precisely offer available feeds on the websites we are visiting and therefore avoid that we have to make to get them. Subscribe to the RSS , which is the name of this extension developed by Google, offers a button (to be placed in the same address bar, ie in the Omnibox) and, in the case of activated, would indicate that there one or more active feeds on this website.

If we see the icon in the Omnibox, after clicking with the mouse on it we can see a list of available sources to which we can suscibir (and to do so only need to press the button and see how open to display the feed and add it to any of our listings).

Handling many sources of information, in the end, we can infoxicar or, in some cases, can cause some frustration at how accumulate items for review in Google Reader. In order to lighten the load we have pending and, for example, receive notifications when any notification, Google has also prepared a homegrown extension for Google Reaer approach and we have not yet read: Google Reader Notifier .

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