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AgreeDo, an assistant to make meetings more productive

AgreeDo, an assistant to make meetings more productive

Keep is part of the dynamic work of many professionals, so regular and ad hoc, are cited with their partners, suppliers or customers to review the progress of projects to develop, make an offer or a new product or to resolve any dispute or sticking point. A well-organized meeting can be a very productive and can advance many aspects of a project, however, the “inertia meetings” or those held without having been devoted to their preparation time can be a complete mess and leave us feeling having wasted a couple of hours (or a few more if we had to up shift).

In the same way that we would realize a presentation without preparing in advance, it is very important to take time to prepare for meetings beyond sending an email with a call to several attendees and indicated on our agenda. Moreover, once the meeting ends, the conclusion of this should be the adoption of a series of appointments and tasks and not have to reassemble because we have learned nothing.

With the idea of improving the productivity of meetings, and have clear objectives thereof (agenda), attendees convene and previous work that we do (prepare documentation, data collection, etc.), it is interesting to have with occasional tool that allows us to make the minutes of the meeting on the progress and commitments to undertake tasks processed in and responsible for them.

When a session ends, it is not unusual to encounter a situation where nobody wants to make the minutes of the meeting or, if we write it, they rarely receive feedback after it has been submitted for approval. In the case of virtual meetings, not long ago we talked about LiveMinutes that, besides offering virtual rooms, offered the possibility of writing meeting minutes and store it in Evernote (which in my case is the service I use to take notes meetings and prepare beforehand). Another interesting alternative is AgreeDo , an online service (which has application for Google Chrome ) that we use to manage our meetings holistically.

With AgreeDo can call meetings, invite attendees, send the agenda and, most interesting, set tasks and assign them to a previous charge. Imagine we have a follow up meeting conovocar and each attendee must prepare a report or a demo or a data file, the call can also add tasks and set a deadline (submit documentation two days before the meeting).

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And while the meeting is held, we can add tasks that arise in the meeting and assign them so that when we finish we can review to undertake tasks and assignments, as we can also define decision point (things we have to think or climb to our superiors). Another interesting detail is the inclusion of a stopwatch to measure the time it takes the meeting be held (useful to avoid being saturated and if, for example, we are in a meeting room shared with other people), export lists to Excel or CSV and invite other users to access to information (eg for information).

Raising meetings with these objectives, we will make them more productive, save time and, above all, much clarify commitments and the tasks we perform.

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