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Posted by on Dec 1, 2012 in Curiosities |

Air Umbrella: The umbrella that runs on air

Air Umbrella: The umbrella that runs on air

Is there a more efficient way to not get wet when it rains that put us under an umbrella? It seems to be yes or at least if only efficient if it is more spectacular. Today we present the Air Umbrella, repels water with air.

The Air Umbrella is device that uses modern technology to do what I have been doing all their history umbrella. Concept is a product of the mind of two South Korean designers, Je Sung Park and Woo Jung Kwon, who have decided to make a single umbrella consisting of a handle. But within that handle all the magic lies. This design ensures air foot catch the mango, sucks and expels it at the top, but controlled manner which is achieved with a film of air which repels rain.

When collecting the air we are able, thanks to a controller, graduating the power level used when sucking and therefore also graduated size that allows the dome remain dry. The handle is also adjustable in height so that there would be problems when accommodating people of different sizes.

The advantages of this design are many. At indoor spaces after a rainy day we will not have the problem of having to dry the umbrella as there will be dry cloth. Since the handle is retractable its size can be reduced much to carry in a bag.

On the other hand I see quite clear drawbacks. First is the battery issue. As an umbrella is not usually used every day, it always happens that the day you need the battery is not charged. Or that we just walk half with just wet. Also we would have to see the noise made by the fan that sucks. Finally, reliability on windy days can leave much to be desired.

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