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Posted by on Oct 18, 2012 in Economy and Business, Technology |

Amazon introduced the Kindle in U.S. schools

Amazon introduced the Kindle in U.S. schools

Within the wide range of gadgets and devices that we can find in the market, tablets and e-book readers have been well received by users both personally and professionally, in fact, it is not uncommon to find people in offices using an iPad or a to consult a book or browse a file in PDF format. Within the education sector, electronically contents also have penetrated very well, something that is evident in applications like Evernote Peek or services such as rental textbooks Amazon . Indeed, , which is certainly one of the companies that has managed to channel like nobody’s business ebook, takes time expanding services beyond its Kindle store and, in the United States launched a project to provide books public libraries in the country , an initiative which has a new project that revolutionize the nation’s schools replacing textbooks for the Kindle and schools offering a service management devices centrally.

The project is the result of a pilot that Amazon has been performing with various U.S. schools to which the Kindle has offered affordable, with the idea of removing the barrier to entry price linked to test whether indeed the Kindle could compete with PCs or tablets like the iPad in a classroom.

Through Whispercast, which is the name of the service that Amazon will in the hands of schools, teachers can manage centrally, all Kindle devices associated with the school, can send content, create groups (eg by level of studies) or block web browsing (or to specific services, such as social networks). To give a practical example, can resemble Whispercast Blackberry Mobile Fusion , ie a control panel to manage our dispostivos park, but instead of smartphones will be e-Readers.

Given that Amazon Kindle distributes virtually at cost price and the business is in the distribution of content, introducing this scheme to schools can be an interesting way to look for new markets (especially as Apple’s iPad, for example , already has more than a million units deployed in the U.S. system). Tablets and e-Readers are already setting a new school model in which paper books (and heavy backpacks) will go desterr√ɬ°ndose slowly to embrace digital content that are much easier to distribute and especially , to update.

Surely shock many people see a classroom full of students with a Kindle in their hands but with good pricing plan on access to content, is a very viable scenario and, in fact, is becoming a reality (in Florida, one of the secondary schools that participated in the pilot deployed Amazon, with great success, 2,000 Kindle devices and have used it for two years).

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