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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Gadgets |

Amazon Introduces New Kindle Paperwhite

The giant Internet sales, Amazon, today held a press event where they were born several new products, spectacular as always. These have met a new generation of eBook Reader (eBooks), the fifth generation of Kindle.

The new star in the family of these is the Kindle eBook Readers Paperwhite. Better resolution, a larger screen and now its casing is black. These are some of the innovations in this new that looks simply spectacular.

Display “Paperwhite” with built-in light

has solved one of the biggest “problems” they saw in the Kindle users, is that as it is a device that emulates the books, we need an external light (lamp or daylight) to read them. This is no longer true thanks to new technology that have implemented the new Kindle.

This new screen while maintaining the electronic ink technology, with backlight, thanks to a new system they have patented and invented the engineers in the company of Jeff Bezos. The light is adjustable, is set at will and necessity, but best of all, it does not bother the user’s view, as in the case of reading on a tablet.

The screen as such, has some new features in its quality and clarity compared to the previous model:

  • 62% more pixels and better resolution compared to the previous Kindle.
  • Dendidad of 221 pixels per inch.
  • A 25% increase in contrast.

All this, for the best Kindle is born to date.

New features and spectacular battery

In its functionalities we also see several new features such as the ability to change the font showing the device when reading, and shows the amount of time it takes to finish reading each chapter of the book or the book completely.

Your battery is just fantastic, offering up to eight weeks of autonomy without off and even using the backlight. Finally, with a thickness of only 9.1 mm and lighter weight has been on a Kindle.

Availability and Pricing

Jeff Bezos announced the new Kindle Paperwhite is available for purchase from this moment, but will begin to send from next October 1.

Their prices are:

  • $119 for the WiFi only version.
  • $179 for the version with WiFi and 3G connectivity.
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