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Posted by on Jul 27, 2012 in Internet and Networking |

Amazon Kindle connection limits

Amazon Kindle connection limits

One feature that had the when it was released initially only not particularly surprise me (c’mon, no free lunch) but also seemed completely cool is that allowed to use the Internet from anywhere in the world completely free of charge. The purpose of this technology, called Whispernet, it was logical that their users can purchase e-books and, well, spending money through the online store. It seems that this began to change, as they began to limit it since early July.

is a 3G connection, according to , will be free forever. While at first could only be used to purchase eBooks over time hackers found a way to give the user all kinds of possibilities. While the device is used to read, this seems to him began to losses to the people of the company and did not like it too as he started to generate large expenses.

From now on, they report in MobileRead , the company run by Jeff Bezos began to limit unlimited connectivity to 50MB per month for the browser (not for the purchase of books, software). Having reached the end user who experienced the changes shows that you can keep browsing through Wikipedia, Amazon and nothing else.

This limitation affects both the first Kindle as the newest and the Keyboard and the DX , which are those with the ability to connect for free. No official information from Amazon related to why they made this decision. It seems that several hacks started to complicate things. There is a hotspot that works gives connectivity to other gadgets. Considering that the speed is 3G, come on, the amount of information that can be consumed is terrible.

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