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Posted by on Dec 13, 2012 in Curiosities, SmartPhones |

Amazon patents a smartphone airbag

Amazon patents a smartphone airbag

The patent office of the United States has officially granted to Jeff Bezos and Greg Hart, Amazon CEO and Vice respectively, a for a curious airbag system, allowing us to protect against falls our or other devices mobile market in the near future.

Basically the system would use a series of sensors and gyroscopes, cameras, infrared or radar capable of detecting movement, orientation and distance of the object relative to another, to determine in a split second, if the device is at risk of impact and activating the airbag.

One of the ideas highlighted in the description of the patent is the use of several small air pockets embedded in the mobile device. If the device was at risk of damage from a fall, the air bags inflate instantly through an integrated cartridge of carbon dioxide or compressed air.

The surveillance system itself could detect through their sensors on which side the device will hit the floor for the airbags to deploy.

Others of the possibilities described in the patent for damage eviar our devices reorientation device would be in air, for the expulsion of gases to fall on the side where the is deployed, or even the incorporation of an element of propulsion could expel gas to cause a smooth and safe landing.

Undoubtedly, this type of pantentes show that is thinking a lot about all kinds of mobile devices, not just Kindle Fire , but also smartphones in the near future. So we would not be surprised at all if in a couple of years our next Kindle Fire is saved from an imminent fall appalling.

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