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Posted by on Sep 6, 2012 in Gadgets |

Amazon reveals Kindle in a new TV ad

Today Amazon has scheduled a press event very mysterious where we present the developments in the products of the house, or what is the same, all assume that the new generation of the Kindle will be born this day, whether we refer to e-book readers as a new tablet Kindle Fire.

However, just hours before the presentation begins, Amazon has released a TV commercial in the United States, which to everyone’s surprise, clearly reveals some curious Kindle models.

First we see an eBook reader with electronic ink (E Ink) and touchscreen, but this would also have a color screen, or so it seems to be rapidly on the ad. Also clearly see a tablet that could be the successor of the successful Kindle Fire was born at the end of last year, although it is difficult to identify the size of your screen.

Certainly Amazon has many surprises planned for today’s conference, where rumors even announce that we will see Jeff Bezos introducing the first smartphone of your business. Just missing hours to know all about it.

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