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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in News |

AMD for sale

AMD for sale

One of the most important companies in the world in the development of processors, microprocessors and other computer components such as RAM and graphics cards, today announced to Reuters that is looking for options in conjunction with a financial institution to survive, which highlights the words for sale. The reason? Simply AMD, the renowned manufacturer of components, is in a very strong and competitive struggle in this industry that increasingly appears to be heading over to the world of mobile devices, leaving traditional computers in the background.

Of course, according to the Reuters source of total sales of the company is not the first option, first are targeting to sell its patent portfolio, in order to overcome this difficult moment for the company. Thanks to decades of development in the computing world, have seen a huge number of patents, which could certainly increase the capital of the company to be sold.

But the situation is not looking good for AMD, but even considering that so far this year its shares have fallen more than 60 percent, which means that its current value is only about 1.4 billion dollars . The worst part is that the long-term debt and lease obligations that have now reached a figure very close to 2 billion dollars.

The bank in charge of accompanying the restructuring or sale is JPMorgan Chase & Co, who will see the chipmaker what are the best options that account. Currently, this company, which is one of the oldest in Silicon Valley dedicated to the world of processors, is in a sorry day layoffs engineers and technicians at its plants.

For now, Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has no official statement, but surely when you have made the final strategy will at this terrible time. It is demonstrated well, unfortunately, that refuse to evolve to a mobile market can mean business suicide.