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Posted by on Nov 14, 2012 in Economy and Business, Hardware |

AMD was thinking of putting up for sale

AMD was thinking of putting up for sale

Advanced Micro Devices, better known as AMD, might be for sale. A leaked report notes that the chipmaker would call for JP Morgan to discuss your financial options. The trend of the post-PC era is affecting the company, which has seen falling 60% the value of its shares in 2012, and has made staff cuts 15% of its workers.

is one of the biggest manufacturers in the business, and probably the only one who has been able to cope with the dominance of Intel in the market. Thus, the sale of AMD would not be insignificant. If true the offer, the fact is that it would be attractive to big names like or Apple. The three, of course, would be good reasons for the company.

For one, Microsoft would be the client with more reasons: in recent years, has realized the advantages of not only software development, but of being responsible for quality control of your hardware. The Zune failed and successful XBox showed him the two sides of the coin, and with the recent launch of Microsoft Surface, it seems that the trend in the company is on that side. So, buying AMD would give an invaluable tool to continue on that path.

Apple has the purchasing power to be AMD, and thus could use to mark you distances to Intel, though at this time, there would be no reason to make a similar decision, but it would not hurt to have an ace up his sleeve to avoid a mess future [as with Samsung] in mobile chips. Although it is difficult to think of products with AMD hardware, not that there is a divorce between the two companies. Moreover, there is a healthy exchange of talent between them. For example, John Bruno Apple AMD arrived in July 2012, while [Jim Keller Cupertino offices to Sunnyvale in August.

Of course, the information is as rumor-like most movements advances in the technological world, and the CEO of AMD has come to calm his employees. Perhaps it is not a sale to close in the short term, but rather say that where there’s smoke there is fire. At least, sale speculation helps us see who would rub his hands made this company. As we see, a possible offer AMD could shake the market in a way quite interesting.

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