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Posted by on Sep 7, 2012 in Technology |

American Football donates 30 million dollars for research into brain damage

American Football donates 30 million dollars for research into brain damage

The National Football League NFL , the largest professional association football, has donated a whopping $ 30 million to the U.S. National Institutes of NIH to investigate brain damage. Behind the donation appears to be the need to face a fact: American football is a tough that causes multiple brain injuries.

The football is, along with baseball and basketball star in U.S. sports A spectator sport that attracts the masses and move an enormous amount of money. The tournament ends with the spectacular Super Bowl , followed by millions of people.

National Institutes of Health NIH is conglomerate of institutions under the U.S. government that are a mainstay in the world for medical research. Its 27 centers and make grants policy advancing American and world medical research.

The agreement begins with the study of mild brain damage and is intended to embrace all kinds of problems that affect the brain. In the area of collaboration is the study of sports injuries, but also those caused by intervention in battles such as the war in Afghanistan and Iraq. Turn be extended to the study of Alzheimer’s true global scourge, and other neurodegenerative damage.

However, in the background of the agreement underlying the unrecognized because of the NFL that their sport is very detrimental to the brain.

Boxing has been stigmatized for years for its brutality and the negative impact on the brain. No one can miss the many cases of high-profile boxers. What was not so clear is that the well would produce terrible football injuries. While watching a game enough to realize the enormous impact of violence which must necessarily affect the brain. Chronic traumatic encephalopathy is a progressive degenerative disease that affects athletes and other people with a history of brain trauma.

In fact, last season there were a whopping 266 concussions last season and 270.

3400 ex-football players have filed complaints with courts for damages caused in the practice of this sport. The NFL has always rejected the demands.

That football is dangerous for brain health is a fact. The donation from the NFL pretends to wash his image and improves the health of athletes. The good news is that we can all benefit from seeing it. Every cloud has a silver lining.

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