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Posted by on Nov 13, 2012 in Hardware |

An autonomous Audi makes times in a circuit similar to those of a professional driver

An autonomous Audi makes times in a circuit similar to those of a professional driver

Scientists at Stanford University have developed a autonomous circuit it is almost able to match the times of professional drivers.

The Center for Automotive Research at Stanford (CARS) and Volkswagen ago while collaborating to develop an autonomous car and have recently gotten an Audi TTS Shelley dubbed exceed 190 km/h and then lap times close to those of the pilots with was measured. The test was conducted in the circuit Thunderville, California.

To achieve the goal of beating the driver in the CARS need a car to match. Shelley is an Audi TTS engine with a power of 256 hp which is limited to not more than the 250 km/h. Its acceleration is 4.7 seconds pair go from 0 to 100 km/h braking 100 to 0 in 35 meters.

Apart from the mechanical properties of the brain is the important part Shelley. The car carrying the sensors incorporated Shelley can make driving autonomously in predefined circuit. Yet the route is not specified in advance but Shelley is only the rules to get to it. Shelley’s best time was just under two minutes and thirty seconds (still not made public the exact times). A professional driver with the same car was a few seconds faster and the track record in category N, which is part of the Audi TTS, is two minutes and fifteen seconds. Shelley goes slowly approaching.

To do this, scientists have thought CARS record vital signs of professional pilots for testing and know how it affects driving under these conditions the human body. Then he would cross with the car data collected in order to better develop the autonomous guidance system and make it less “rigid” and more human.

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