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Posted by on Nov 2, 2012 in Curiosities |

“An Unexpected Briefing”: Middle-earth and aircraft safety

New Zealand is, thanks to Peter Jackson’s Middle Earth. This country located in the southwest Pacific has become a place of pilgrimage must for fans of The Lord of the Rings and The Hobbit. The trilogy brought many good things to the country, for example we know that the shooting caused an increase of almost $ 600 million in the national economy or that tourism was revived thanks to the spectacular scenery that recreated Rivendell, Rohan or Mordor.

The country knows that it is important to be Middle Earth, so we make every effort to emphasize the close relationship which connects to New Zealand with Tolkien’s work, which is why the new safety video for aircraft is so special . An Unexpected Briefing, remind that the first Hobbit film is subtitled An Unexpected Journey, will be displayed on all airline flights and monumental part of the film’s promotional campaign.

Do not know about you but when I fly I do not pay attention to the safety tips, however I have seen this video several times and explaining that an elf like putting the oxygen mask, or Gandalf flying the plane, or a hobbit properly placing your suitcase is much more interesting than the mechanical movements of a flight attendant. elves, hobbits, orcs and even Peter Jackson himself part of the crew and passengers.

A point in the video there is a code in Elvish language, appears several times and used to participate in a contest whose prize is a trip for two to six nights and a pass to the world premiere of The Hobbit in New Zealand Nov. 28.

Air New Zealand has partnered with WETA Workshop , the special effects company mechanics who worked on the first trilogy, to make the video, and in addition to the presence of Jackson, other cameos like Dean O’Gorman who plays the dwarf Fili , two great grandchildren and two writers Tolkien Site

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