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Posted by on Oct 12, 2012 in Software |

Android 4.2 confirmed by new GMail application

Android 4.2 confirmed by new GMail application

Even the hands of boys Android Police has reached the latest version of the GMail native application for Android, which at some point all users to the latest version of the operating system will be receiving. However, what a surprise we have all taken to see that this version of GMail is that which corresponds to the version of Android 4.2, which would confirm the existence of the update for the green robot platform.

For several weeks we talk about a new Nexus smartphone family by Google, which is almost confirmed that LG would be producing and even have some promising real photos leaked mobile. For although it was said that this smartphone would be presented later this month with a new version of Android, the new Gmail app does nothing but give strength to these rumors. In fact, even is said that a few weeks ago and sent the Android PDK, or what is the same, the development package for manufacturers to incorporate the new version of Android prior to submission.

But back to the GMail application in version 4.2, the new features that have been added are really fantastic, and even are the most requested by users in the forums. Firstly there is the possibility of zooming (zoom) using two fingers on the images, or what is the same pinch-to-zoom. Also be configured for sliding a finger back and forth on email, can be archived or deleted.

Those responsible for the leak tested this application on a Galaxy Nexus running with Android version 4.1.2, so it will not only be compatible with Android 4.2, but for now have not shared the APK file so that anyone can give a taste to new GMail .. Hopefully sooner rather than later is when we know the LG Nexus 4 and the new features of this new version of the operating system.

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