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Posted by on Oct 30, 2012 in Software |

Android 4.2: these are your new

Android 4.2: these are your new

4.2 has already been submitted, but not as expected. Hurricane Snady forced to cancel the event scheduled for yesterday in New York, so Google has limited the presentation of such content to a press release . Finally keep the name of the previous version, something that happened with versions 2.0 and 2.1, both known as Eclair.


Something that will look enviously iOS users, especially iPad. And is that the tablets are not smartphones. While these are personal and individual use, a tablet is in many cases a shared device, especially at home or work. The options and opens a very interesting feature. From give good jump in parental control when leaving the tablet to children, to give them more corporate uses password protected profiles, through the ability to share a tablet between two brothers, a couple, etc..

Android 4.2: these are your new image 2

The change will total between one account and another. Settings, email accounts, social networking and other apps (Dropbox, Evernote …), different installed applications, bookmarks in the browser, multimedia content stored … And no reboots or long waits, just a couple of quick touches. A good place for Android tablets for future situations where there to share hardware.


The camera interface has been completely redesigned in a way beautiful. They disappear into the side bars and buttons to access static options. Now the image to fill the screen shooting, only floating buttons with essential functions (shutter, flash, photography change VIDO) the plug.

Android 4.2: these are your new image 3

To access the other options we have to press anywhere on the screen, then opening a context menu with Holo interface, which reminds me to unlock this since Android 4.1, which allows access to settings like HDR on or off, choose white balance, etc..

Photos spherical

The presentation of the iPhone 5 brought new in iOS 6 for this and for the 4S: panorama mode built into the native camera application. It was nothing that they should not other applications, but Apple decided to include a new feature in their own applications always news, especially if it works so well. A few days ago, between the previous leaks , and spoke of a similar but more complete feature in Android 4.2.

Photo is spherical, that following the same system based on the accelerometer and gyroscope, allows us to take several pictures linking them horizontally or vertically, to get results that go beyond the panoramas. We move around a photograph of a much more dynamic. It remains to be compatible with many devices other than the Nexus 4.

Swype Keyboard

Android 4.2: these are your new image 4

The famous Swype keyboard available for Android, is now included as standard. It is characterized by the use of gestures, very quick strokes on the keyboard to select the word from the alternatives offered. Even press space, only lifting your finger between words we will indicate that. Its advocates have always argued a speed unmatched compared to traditional tactile keyboards based on mere keystrokes. Opponents, excessive learning time for a system that has uses beyond that Android devices are installed.

Google Now

Now Google is probably the feature that I like about Android. In version 4.2 has been improved. In addition to including new languages (the list is to uncover), is able to accommodate new information concerning more boarding passes, hotel reservations, packages that are on track to reach us, inform us of premieres in movie theaters, sports scores give , provide information about restaurants, etc..


A secondary functionality, and more targeted at tablets. We can make the device, locked, display galleries (like a digital frame) or news of our Google account Currents.

Android 4.2: these are your new image 5


This is probably the greatest of all minor updates that Android wins. No major changes, and we move from one paradigm to another as with Ice Cream Sandwich, Android operating system first developed to run on both tablets and smartphones. However, Android 4.2 comes with new interesting enough to care about him, especially the support of multiple user accounts or camera improvements, including photographs spherical.

Unfortunately, the Achilles heel of Android is known to all: When will my device?. Today, some are still waiting after receiving a promise long ago that they would Ice Cream Sandwich. And is that unless the Nexus range (which should not take longer than two weeks for the 4.2), with pure Android, Android devices have to wait for the manufacturer of your terminal (and sometimes even the operator) change with his usual customization layer the latest system update. The problem is that when they do, the ‘last’ and has nothing, and many users just wait until cap. Yes, as a system, Android continues to progress every day and making the Nexus range the more interesting, especially in the face of the latter avoided.

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