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Posted by on Aug 30, 2012 in Science |

Announce cure malaria

Announce cure malaria

This has been reported researchers at the University of Cape Town. A drug that can cure all strains of malaria with a single oral dose.

A drug to which scientists have termed as the biggest breakthrough in drug form for Africa, a region where the disease kills one million people each year. According Naledi Pandor, Minister of Science and Technology in the country, this will be the first clinical compound investigated in Africa:

It is an important victory in the fight to alleviate the burden of disease in Africa. I am very excited about the role our scientists have played excellent in finding a dose únicaen potential cure for malaria. This is a test of international scientific collaboration to address the societal challenges of our time.

A synthetic molecule described aminopyridine class with the potential of becoming a single dose cure for the disease. Not only that, researchers announced that they could get to block transmission of the parasite from person to person.

Professor Kelly Chibale was the main author of the research. According to the same:

Although the molecule has not yet been proven in humans, animal studies have shown potent activity against various points in the life cycle of the malaria parasite.

While the malaria parasite was sometimes multidrug resistant to conventional treatment, the initial results of the investigation for 18 months showed that the molecule was killed instantly resistant parasites. Animal testing also showed that it was not only safe and effective, but there were no adverse side effects.

It’s exciting. Consider that a single dose malaria kills. All animals were cured without toxicity or side effects. The molecule was able to kill the parasites that are resistant to all currently available drugs.

As in most cases, is expected to pass human clinical trials before a long process of becoming a reality, enshrined in at least one more year. Then take about seven years to become malaria drug.

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