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Posted by on Sep 14, 2012 in Internet |

Anonymous 2.5GB of data sets of a priest accused of child abuse

Anonymous 2.5GB of data sets of a priest accused of child abuse

In July this year the Italian police arrested the father Don Giacomo Ruggeri child molestation. At age 43, the man was stripped of all his powers as a priest. For several hours, the group has stated publicly in Italy 2.5GB of data personal emails priest .

Through the official blog of the group in the country, Anonymous has turned this much data depositfiles. More than 2 GB of messages received and sent through the email account of Giacomo Ruggeri.

I leave you with the reasons given by the group for this leak:

Anonymous attempts to shed some light on the dark world of the clergy members who are a scene of darkness, of crimes against the weak and anti-gay crusades.

The story of Don Ruggeri is a further demonstration of how the institution has undermined the principles that should inspire. Fomented hatred and stigma towards people show a sexual orientation different from what he calls “natural”, in line with a model of patriarchal and discriminatory society. The actual unnaturalness is repugnant in their modus operandi. Their greed and avarice are improper.

What courage, the Church, which ever is more like a coven of pedophiles, can afford to be a judge of sexuality and the lives of others?
What moral authority, the requires not using contraception, with stern warnings and sermons offering actual disinformation campaign whose harmful effects have been known?

Shoot the continuing attacks on the freedom of women, helping to undermine what has been achieved through hard struggles.

Think of a context as Africa, where AIDS is rampant: no, the prohibition of contraceptives has a clear intent to commit genocide. Also think about the broader context in which young people (and others) should be entitled to adequate information about sex, as well as tools and actions necessary to protect their health and manage and optimize their sexuality. His repressive policies complicit in many social problems.

And what value hierarchy and the followers of the Catholic Church can preach the love of neighbor, as they are the first to cry out against the universal principle?

Don Ruggeri, his behavior is deplorable. You tried to hide the shameful story that was led in child abuse. His vocation is only one: that of cowardice.

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