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Posted by on Nov 5, 2012 in Internet |

Anonymous announces 28,000 data stealing PayPal

Anonymous announces 28,000 data stealing PayPal

One of the most comfortable payment systems that can be found on the net is , a service that allows transactions (or rather money transfers) with third parties, for example, pay a purchase safely without having to provide the third the number of our credit card. For many users, PayPal is a secure and reliable, a fact that could wobble a bit if you get to verify the last statement you made Anonymous who claims to have done with the IDs and passwords of 28,000 users of the service.

The news was made public via Twitter but the link you have shared, and supposedly pointed to the “spoils” seized the servers of PayPal, has stopped working. This action is part of Anonymous protests expected today November 5, which is the date on which since 1605 is remembered Guy Fawkes and where actions attributed to the systems of the OSCE (Organization for Security and Co- operation in Europe), Symantec and we discussed PayPal.

So what have taken? As published in the network (though now not available), the bus would have taken 27,935 data users, that is, your user ID, password, and phone number; few data have been some published online hours. Naturally, PayPal has come to discuss this (it’s the least you would expect) and also via Twitter, the communications officer of the company is saying that they are investigating this and that, so far, not found evidence confirming they have suffered some form of data theft.

Given that the published data have been removed fairly swiftly, for now it is difficult to assess the gravity of the situation, especially until PayPal confirms not really have suffered data theft. There will be attentive in case there is any change in the situation.

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