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Posted by on Aug 27, 2012 in Internet, Security |

Anonymous hacks security firm GlobalCerts exposing their data

Anonymous hacks security firm GlobalCerts exposing their data

GlobalCerts, security company high profile, has been exposed through the collective Pastebin leaking sensitive data. The firm specializes in the very security sensitive data and information, see now as about 1,000 customers have been exposed .

offers different solutions, all data security including secure messaging with their own system between companies. Based on two systems, and SecureTier SecureMail Gateway, the company also provides solutions to manage certificates for key creation, a structure that could now be seeing the light through the collective hack.

At first it seems that Anonymous uploaded the data to peoplesliberationfront , a web of links. According to it, the leaked information contains all the information of your database and user names, passwords, emails and proprietary information of the company and its workers.

But the worst is that many seem passwords stored in plain text, a double concern for a company that aims to protect the personal information of its customers.

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