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Any.DO: Manage your tasks from the desktop and mobile

Any.DO: Manage your tasks from the desktop and mobile

One of the aspects that have an impact when talking about productivity and organization of our time during the working day is the need to plan our day and therefore classify our projects and actions to be taken in tasks that we must prioritize and plan ( unless either depend on actions of others and, therefore, are pending). You might think that someone can be identified with the backlog is sufficient but, in my opinion, depend on our memory is not always the best option and it is important to engage with staff working methodology that helps us to avoid procrastination and above all, to prevent compromised forget tasks.

Take our tasks listed in a notebook (either on paper or in a digital notebook such as Evernote or OneNote) is a good start to organize our work but also to note the information or the remaining tasks, it is important to plan and prioritize ( to be giving out in an orderly manner to what we have to do). Resorting to a task manager is a good solution to this problem and, in the network, we can find a good number of them. Depending on the nature of our work, it is very possible that we use, in addition to a desktop computer or a laptop, mobile devices since they also want access to our list of tasks or notes that we take. Therefore, to use a cloud service for gathering tasks and then sync from multiple devices is a very interesting option.

Services like Remember The Milk and Astrid are quite popular among users and allow us to list our tasks, taking them to day and track the work we have done (as long as we keep the list updated disciplined). Another interesting alternative, which offers access from mobile devices and through an extension for Google Chrome is Any.DO .

Any.DO is a cloud service that enables you to keep our to-do list, ie the famous to-do that we drag every day and we try not to suffer empty overflow accumulated many tasks. With classify tasks to accomplish in 4 trays: tasks for today, for tomorrow tasks, tasks to perform during the week and tasks to do later, four criteria that we can remind the four quadrants of Steven Covey.

Although the classification criteria may seem simple (and really is), it is necessary to go beyond the planning our tasks is not necessary ask a Gantt chart like we were doing the planning for a major project. In addition to the extension for Google Chrome, the app is available on iOS and Android available to access from our mobile devices.

Once we discharging the tasks, we can move them between 4 temporal criteria, priority mark them for that time interval, classify in different folders (for our projects, to distinguish personal professional tasks), add alarms and reminders, or even add notes and comments to tasks.

It is possible that, after learning Any.DO, we can use it or try to raise but we are keeping track of our tasks in Google Tasks and we do not have too much grace to recopy all our tasks. If we are committed to adopt this tool, Any.DO gives us the ability to import all tasks in Google Task so we would save having to write them back.

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