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Posted by on Aug 13, 2012 in Internet and Networking, News | the proposal of a “Twitter-pay” is actually finally become a reality. The idea has managed, against all odds, the financial support he was looking to get started and you can see the light in the coming weeks. After requesting $500,000 in a kind of Kickstarter project have exceeded $700,000, from more than 11 000 enthusiastic supporters of the initiative, in the absence of 14 hours for closing the application.


The main idea is to build a network social “different”, in which all efforts focus on generating greater benefits for users and developers, paying less attention to advertisers. To get a clearer picture, is a kind of clone of our beloved Twitter, but with an annual subscription plan will be worth $50.

Although many people it seems crazy to pay for a service similar to Twitter, which is free, those 50 dollars a year to ensure each user rather than the other raise even remotely offer: right to privacy. Additionally, only input since the network would be more than 11 000 users (if we consider only those who gave money to the initiative), a not insignificant number considering that one of the most difficult to achieve for a project of this type is precisely that initial user fee to maintain the network activity.

Besides the privacy issue, that by itself is very important, agrees with users to improve the product constantly thinking only of their needs, as well as provide facilities for other developers to create their own applications to integrate with the service without being victims of restrictions and blockages. Something very different from what they do Facebook and Twitter, today, spend most of their efforts on developing pass characteristics and requirements meet the needs of its clients, rather than those of its users.

While too early to think about what will happen to the long-term project, the idea looks quite attractive, and this significant investment of money will have some time to develop a product good enough to convince the rest of the mass of users that is worth paying that subscription and, above all, try to make people understand the importance of having that level of privacy that other services do not offer. Although the ultimate challenge is to find a formula to stop Twitter, something that now seems impossible.

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