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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Apple |

Apple bought the trademark “Lightning” to Harley Davidson

During the weekend we saw that Apple had secured the rights of the trademark “Lightning” for his new connector that replaces the 30-pin. What we learned today through the Patent Office of Regulation EU is that he had to buy the naming rights to Harley Davidson.

As reported Patently Apple have known that the name had been owned Lightning Harley Davidson in the past. Whereas if you look at the documents we can see how is the current owner, if at the historic dive we can see how this name was registered under the ownership of a company called HD Michigan. It has been very difficult to relate this name with current holding offices of Harley Davidson devoted to intellectual property .

Harley Davidson got the patent in Europe in 2005 for a line of motorcycles and spare parts but the company never introduced to the market no model named. If there was a model of Buell, Harley Davidson bought by brand in 2003, called Lighting but their manufacture ceased in 2010 with what Harley Davidson you may want to make sure that no one else took out a motorcycle named.

The odd thing is that despite the purchase Harley maintains some uses for name, particularly those arising from their trading direct action such as spare parts and motorcycle parts. Apple, on the other hand, has been the name for use in other cases and one case has drawn attention listings since Apple has seen that you can use in televisions and glasses. Is it for use on a new device that we do not know? Any TV or glasses with a connector Lightning? We’ll see what the future holds.

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