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Posted by on Oct 11, 2012 in Apple |

Apple could have asked for 10 million iPads and Mini

Apple could have asked for 10 million iPads and Mini

Although Apple has not yet confirmed any plans to launch a smaller tablet, an iPad Mini so to speak because the name is not official, the Rumors are fairly consistent. They were born quite some time but in the past few months is materializing this idea because there have been leaks.

A few days ago presented in here leak of a housing behind the new device and speculate about possible features and even the chance to come out to the market in various colors, apart from the typical white or black.

According to The Wall Street Journal , some component suppliers located in Asia have received the order for more than 10 million units of this product by the end of year, which makes us think that Apple thinks that demand will be high.

Lately smaller tablets are on sale with an intermediate size between a phone and an Apple and will not want to stay this untapped market. For example, the Google Nexus 7 is available in 8GB version for €199 and the 16GB for 249€, highly competitive prices. Amazon also has his way, the Kindle Fire HD for $199. Samsung is not going to be less and also offers a 7-inch tablet, the Galaxy Tab.

This year the market share of Apple tablets has decreased compared to previous years and may then have seen the need to offer more choice to stay as high as possible. It is clear, therefore, that if Apple finally launches into the adventure of getting a smaller iPad in different colors and a lower price, can have a considerable gap in the market.

Image: Gizmodo

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