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Posted by on Nov 6, 2012 in Apple |

Apple could manufacture its own processors for Mac

Apple could manufacture its own processors for Mac

It’s no secret that Apple designs its own for mobile devices in the home, such as the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch. Currently, the latest generations of iPhone and iPad have called and A6X A6 processors, which have a spectacular performance and amazing graphic potential. That is why the question “Why Apple does not manufacture processors for its computers?” No wonder. However, the report said Bloomberg , Apple would already be starting to research and work on this order.

Since 2005 has been the supplier of processors for desktop and laptop Mac, but Apple would aim to replace Intel with its own technology, according to Bloomberg sources.

The reasons for this view are obvious, which is that the iPad Benchmarks fourth generation, with the processor A6X (top end of Cupertino today) demonstrates the incredible potential of apple mobile devices white, which means that soon these processors will be strong enough to give life to your desktop and laptop computers. The evolution of these is inevitable.

Moreover, if we take as reference the latest versions of the OS X operating system (version “Lion”), we can realize how Apple integrates inspired features or options on their mobile devices, especially the iPad, which is related to the comments of the source of that means ensuring that the functions of mobile phones and computers gradually become more similar.

This does not mean that the iMac, Mini and MacBook will have the same processor as the iPhone or iPad’s future, but with a consistent architecture, so the Mac would have their own version of the technology embodied in the chip A6X. This news will not make much grace to Intel, but in the long term would be best for the user and developer of these devices, because Apple have a consistent ecosystem.

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